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Pilot plant with its equipment and installations and 400 m2 indoor area is the biggest integrated mineral and coal processing pilot plant laboratory of Turkey. General Directory of Etibank laid a foundation for the establishment of mineral and coal processing pilot plant laboratory in 1984. At present, addition of new modern devices to laboratory led to the successful execution of quality, all technological and scientific researches in mineral and coal processing.

 Wilfley Type Shaking Table

 Denver Brand Wet Laboratory Type Shaking Sieve 

 Feed Silo and Vibrating Screen

 4-Section Hydrosizer

 2 Layer Shaking Screen for Dry Sieving

 Piston Jig

 Syntro Brand Vibrating Feeder 

 Ring Mill

 Pressurized Water-Powered Mineral Jig

 Settling Cone

 Hammer Crusher

 3 Compartment Bendalari Jig

 Denver Type Flotation Battery (8 Cell)

 Cone Crusher

 Impact Crusher

 Conditioning Tank 

 Roll Crusher

 Low Field Intensity Crockett Wet Magnetic Separator

 Reagent Feeder with 4-Cup 


 Low Field Intensity Drum Wet Magnetic Separator

 Humphrey Spiral 

 Miniature Crusher Unit (Jaw Crusher + Roll Crusher) 

 High Field Intensity Jones Wet Magnetic Separator

 Reichert Mineral Spiral

 Pilot Scale Mill 

 Small Scale Mill+Classifier Unit

 Large Diameter Reichert Coal Spiral 

 Pilot Scale Spiral Classifier 

 MD Brand Small 4 Pitch Spiral Unit

 Çok Katlı Reichert Oluğu

 Pilot Plant Crusher Screening Belt Circuit 

 Ceramic Mill

 Kreps Cyclone 

 Dry Screening Ro-Tape 

 Laboratory Type Ball Mill

 Pilot Scale Jet Flotation Unit 

 Cyclone Battery with 4 Cyclones

 Heavy Media Screening Screen

 Small Scale Jet Flotation Unit 

 Aktarma Tamburu

 Stripa Boat

 Pilot Scale Column Flotation Unit 

 Booth Brand Pressure Filter 

 Heavy Media Cyclone

 Small Scale Column Flotation Unit 

 Multi Gravity Separator (MGS) 

 Pulp Feeding Tank

 Reichert Cone 

 Heraeus Brand Oven