Boya labı

Paint is a chemical coating that protect surface against exterior damages and give it decorative view by forming a thin film on the applied surface. There are four main ingredients in paint. These are binders, pigments & extenders, additives and solvents. Mineral Processing Engineering Department can study especially on production and characterization of extenders and some mineral based additives. Investigation of these materials’ effect in the paint is also a study field of the department. In this case, paint production and optical & physical characterization of the paint can be realized in paint technology laboratory which is financially supported by TUBITAK TARAL and ITU BAP projects. Devices and facilities in the paint technology laboratory are mixer for paint production, automatic film applicator, grindometer, measurement of wet and dry film thickness, opacity measurement, glossmeter, adhesion force measurement, scrub and impact resistance measurement, Bucholz hardness measurement and Krebs viscosimeter.

 Paint production mixer (10000 rpm) 

 Gloss meter 

 Automatic film applicator 

 Adhesion force measuring device 

 Particle size determination device (Grindometer) 

 Scrub-Wash resistance tester 

 Wet film thickness measuring device 

 Impact strength tester 

 Dry film thickness measuring device

 Paint film hardness tester 

 Covering power measuring device (Opacity) 

 Krebs Viscometer