Our guest was Mr. Erdinç Günay within the scope of 'Mineral Processing Online Seminars' organized by Istanbul Technical University Mineral Processing Engineering Club.

Our guest graduated from Mining Engineering and is a Class A occupational safety specialist. In occupational health and safety department at Zonguldak underground coal mine for 27 years (search and rescue and rescue, training, supervision, ventilation and dust micadel A) after serving as chief engineer since August 1, 2012 serving Turkey's most important large enterprises and organizations OSGB ' He is a senior manager.

In the seminar, which was held with the participation of our valuable department lecturers, graduates and students, Mr. Erdinç Günay shared his knowledge about the pandemic period, the issues to be taken, and the issues to be considered during the normalization process.

We thank her and wish her continued success...

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